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These days, I see that everything connects to everything else. 

As a kid, I remember my dad (cigarette in hand) reminding us to calm down when having to deal with a situation. He first got me into meditation. My mum introduced us to her Shifu for Kung-Fu.

I remembered getting into meditation about 12 years ago when I started my first business as a Physiotherapist. I was feeling the burnout early stages in my career, while also trying to balance family, friends and sports (mainly cricket and footy). I knew that if I ever wanted to be a boss, then I would need to learn how to calm down.

How would calming down help me with my job? Well, I've discovered that I'll go through phases when I can work a full day/week without fatigue. This is when I am in a state of flow. There is clarity and all the answers arrive at the right time.


But I'm not Jesus or Buddha. Some days I get pains in my left shoulder, hips and even migraines. Have I abused my body beyond repair? One too many games of footy? No. Not entirely. These are just the days where there is a little more on my serving plate than usual. If I recognise the signs early then I'll book myself in for some therapy. 

Thank you to all of my teachers past, present and future. Everything connects to everything else. Sure Does...

~ Namaste Anthony Hoang ~ Healer Here ~

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